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When Grad Pics Take You to Target

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Some people take grad pics at the library, some people take grad pictures on the football field, some grad pics include lots of glitter or confetti, and some take you to Target..

Did I mention my besties are total nerds? S/O & Congrats on Vandy & UA Law!!!

Ever since I started blogging, (ya 3 weeks ago) I've realized you lean on your people (ALOT) for support. Putting yourself out there is hard, and it takes everything in me not to constantly refresh my instagram or blog page to see how many clicks or views or likes I'm getting. My friends are my biggest cheerleaders and have accepted me when I ask them a million questions about what I should write about next or how my pictures look (someone give them an award for dealing with me plz). But when you have friends who make sure to like, comment, read and encourage you- hold them tight!!! They encourage me every day and I'm so thankful for their support. I love that they know I can be oh so extra and they love me anyways. They take solo pics of me #FortheBlog and don't judge me when I'm doing the most (which is most of the time)

So when my besties Em and Tat told me they wanted to do a photoshoot at Target for graduation, you know I was here for it.

Clean up on Aisle 12

With only a week left in Tuscaloosa, I've realized I should've said YES to way more adventures in college. If I've got one piece of advice, it's to say yes way more than no and do the craziest things- they will be your favorite memories.

Be stupid, be brave, take fun pictures and do a million poses until you get the perfect one. Do whatever makes you happy, or whatever makes your friends happy, and support one another no matter what.

So what I'm saying here is: be extra, do the most, say yes to late night shenanigans, and take grad pics at Target if your besties ask you to.

If you've got a favorite place, put on your grad caps, and take some pics. (Thinking I should do this same photoshoot at CFA, thoughts?) Grab a friend to take them, or be the friend who takes them and I promise it'll be a whole lot of fun. I can't guarantee you won't be laughed at or get some comments, but it sure will be an adventure.

To some of my OG blog supporters, Em and Tat: thank you for always encouraging me and loving me throughout this adventure- glad I could be apart of yours today. I love y'all (and Target of course) so so much!

Now please enjoy some more pictures from the graduation photoshoot that occurred today at the Tuscaloosa Target, and text me for all of your grad pics needs (my specialty is Iphone pictures and lightroom presets).


brittany rose

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29 abr 2019

Go best friend! That’s my best friend!!!

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