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Tuscaloosa Recommendations (for all of the out-of-state girls)

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

I think a major struggle we all face when we go to a college town is finding things we take for granted at home. We know the best places to get our hair done, or nails and have had the same doctor growing up. It’s hard to find these things on your own so I (along with my friends and loyal insta followers) have accumulated a list of some go-to places that we love in Tuscaloosa!

If you feel strongly about any of the places you love here in Ttown please send them my way! I’d love to add them for girls coming to Alabama or those who are already here to have some places to try.



Dr. Cowan

I personally have only been to Dr. Cowan and have really enjoyed him. They are super easy to get an appointment with and very friendly. My appointments are always super efficient and quick, which is very unlike doctor offices. Their staff is super sweet and helpful as well.


Well, none have been taking new clients in Tuscaloosa. So, if you figure this one out…let me know! I had to drive to Birmingham last time I needed a dermatologist.


Dr. Scott at the Tuscaloosa Urology Center

I had a friend who went here and recommended her to me! I've never personally needed to go but if you do..

Eye Doctor:

Eyecare Associates

This is where I have been before when I was desperate to update my prescription to order new contacts and it was super easy to get an appointment and everyone I met was great! I didn’t check out their selection of eyeglasses though so I can’t comment on those. But if you need an eye exam, I would recommend!

Moore Eye Clinic


Nancy Taylor Salon & Day Spa

I go to Carley and absolutely love her. She has done blow outs, cut, color, tinting, baliage.. so basically everything. She is the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet and will chat with you the whole time! My sister and my roommate also go to her. She’s the best-thank me later.

Brian Avery

I have several friends who go here and love him! It's a super cute shop right by the Roll Tide bridge. Everyone was very personable and speak really highly of him!


I’ve gone to Gilda’s once and was happy with my cut, I just didn’t think the girl I had was that great. She really didn’t talk to me at all but I have friends who go there and really like it so check it out!


Spa Belle La Vie

I have a friend who has gotten facials here and loves it! They really know what they're talking about and give great advice on skin and product recommendations. Also make sure to check out their gift section! They also do eyelash tinting and eyebrows as well!


Nails Unlimited

Be warned they will lie about the wait time. Really look at their customer to worker ratio before you decide if you want to stay. They are super quick once you get in a chair and the main lady who works there (I can’t remember her name) does powder/SNS that always last me forever and are done really well (for Tuscaloosa of course) also VERY cheap!

Crimson Nails *Northport

People rave about it, never been!

Nail Studio

b.a.b.y nails *Northport

Another crowd favorite that I have yet to try..


Prof Alterations

I will say I’ve heard mixed things about this place but have overall seen good results. Finding a good alterations place in Tuscaloosa is rough y’all..

Canterbury Clothiers

They have done a great job but are more pricey.


European Wax Center

Your first trip is free! They also use a softer wax which is better for your skin. I’ve been several times and have loved all of the girls that work there. They make you feel super comfortable no matter what you’re getting waxed. I believe they also have student discounts, which is amazing of course.

Nancy Taylor Salon and Day Spa

They are a more spa-type environment so definitely more relaxing. They have done a great job but can be more expensive. Make sure to check out their specials.

Dry Cleaning

Penny Profit Cleaners

The absolute best. They are seriously so cheap and do a great job! They just relocated so look up their address on google, not on maps.

Shoe Repair

People’s Shoe Renewal

My roommate and I both broke our shoes in a matter of a week. I mean imagine a busted Steve Madden Wedge where the strap just came completely off.. yep it happened. So we both looked up shoe repair and this was the ONLY place that popped up for Tuscaloosa or Northport. We went together to check it out. I’m going to be honest, it’s sketchy on the outside. But the man who works there is the sweetest man and will talk your ear off! They did a great job and made out shoes look brand new and we still haven’t had any problems with them. I would definitely recommend checking them out if you have a shoe crisis..


(PSA: please never go to Palm Beach Tan)

Tanning Oasis

Seriously. Tanning Oasis is my favorite place ever for spray tans and tanning beds. The owner or her husband are almost always there and are so so nice! It is super reasonably priced and very clean. They also offer ½ off spray tans if you go before noon on Mon-Thurs. They also do their spray tans by hand so they’re always even and can customize what you need. I will say they are super dark so wash off before they tell you to…Also beware of going in the evening/ weekends because parking is limited downtown!

Body Works

My friend swears by Body Works. It's $25 for Unlimited Month and no time limit on the beds.

Car Repairs

Sam’s Club

I’ve gone to them for both mine and my sister’s batteries. If you (or your parents) are a member they are really quick and super friendly. Also a lot cheaper and don’t hassle you to get more work done are your car than you need.

Warren Tire

I have a friend who has gotten about everything on her car fixed here and really loves them. She actually texted me “Warren tire they’re bae” so there you have it ladies.

Oil Change

Express Oil Change

They really do your oil change in 10 minutes. You don’t even have to get out of your car. And don’t forget Tuesday is ladies’ day and you get $5 off your oil change!

That's all I have for now, but would love to add to the list! It's so hard to get acclimated when you move to a new town and finding new places can be really hard. I can't tell you the number of times I've asked locals for recommendations or have just had to wing it and try some place off of Google or Yelp. Hook a sista up and tell your friends about places you love here! It'll definitely help make this place feel a little more homey. :)


brittany rose

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