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Dallas Day-Drinking Guide

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

So if you're anything like me and have a strict bedtime of 10pm (or earlier) then you probably enjoy day drinking. It's perfect for those of us who like to drink and also like to get to bed on time. You also probably like warm weather and sitting outside to do your day drinking. As spring approaches, I wanted to make a guide of some places I love to day drink and what is still on my bucket list. (Because you guys know I love to share places I've been and where I still want to try)

The Rustic

A CLASSIC in my opinion. I went here on my very first trip to Dallas and have been back quite a few times since then. It centrally located to downtown and uptown and has an inside and outdoor area with a huge stage-which means they almost always have live music. (Another great perk when you decide to day drink) It definitely has an upscale "Texas" vibe and makes for a perfect spot to take some friends who come from out of town.

Katy Trail Ice House

Another Dallas classic. The ice house is located along the Katy Trail (a trail that runs all through Dallas) and is filled with picnic tables, string lights, plenty of TVs and HUGE drinks. When the weather is nice this place is the perfect spot to hang out outside and watch people on the trail or catch a game on one of their tvs outside or in by the bar!

HG Sply Co

Their brunch is one of my favorite in Dallas, but for the sake of this post we'll stick to day drinking. HG has a rooftop and is located in lower Greenville (such a cute area!!). The covered rooftop is perfect for day drinking and grabbing a bite to eat. The food is absolutely amazing-and who doesn't like to snack while they drink?

Toller Patio

This patio opened last Fall and is on Ross Ave (super close to downtown for all of the peeps working down there). It is one of the most colorful patio bars I've ever been to. They don't have any indoor seating-the whole place is outdoors, making it perfect for day drinking. They have TVs, drinks served in cute flamingo cups, and plenty of seating. Such a cute spot!


I think this will be my only day drinking spot that is inside-but that is how much I love this spot. Hero is located right next to American Airlines Arena and owned by HG Suply (see above). The food is great and so are the drinks but the best part is that this is a total sports fan's paradise with TVs big and small EVERYWHERE. This is the ideal spot in Victory Park to catch a game or share one of their huge "shareable" cocktails with friends.

Happiest Hour

Another Victory Park hot spot that has both an inside, outside and also a rooftop. Like I said, this place is definitely a hot spot and almost always poppin' so get there early for happy hour or your day drinking shenanigans. I will say I don't care for the food but the atmosphere and drinks make up for it. Idk how I don't have a single picture from all the times I've been here-BUT guess that just goes to show I'm too busy drinking to be caught up in the pictures!

I hope this serves as a helpful guide to day drinking in Dallas-Cheers!

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