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Dallas Mural Guide

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

No better way to help out the 'gram or explore a new city like going on the hunt for some murals! Since I've now been in Dallas for 2 weeks, it was about time I started finding some photo ops around my new home.

If you haven't seen my Houston edition or are new around here- first off: welcome! Second, I make these posts because I really do love exploring new cities and finding fun places to take pictures. I love to find places via instagram, other bloggers, photographers, hashtags or the old fashion way of driving around and pulling over on the side of the road.

I also love to share the exact locations and tips on where to park and how to access it. There is nothing worse than finding the cutest place and having no idea where it is! I'm all about sharing the cute walls and restaurants and places to go. Girls gotta help each other's instagrams out, c'mon ladies. So here it goes! I can't wait to watch this list grow and to see alllll the murals and places to go in Dallas. Send me all the suggestions you have as well!

DEEP ELLUM TX Mural 208 S Malcom X Blvd

The hard thing about a lot of the murals is that they're located in parking lots or have light poles blocking them. This one has nothing blocking it so go explore! This address will take you straight to it and you can park on the street. If you can't get a parking spot right on the street, it's easily walkable and near other murals so park where you can and walk if needed.

Faded Rainbow Mural Fleastyle 3009 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226

Not only does this place have TWO murals, but it's also so cute so definitely walk in and check it out while you're there! There is a parking lot by the "good ideas happen here" so there is a risk it could be blocked. The rainbow mural is a little hidden and on the opposite side facing this wall in the back corner. It is so cute! I loved the dimension to it, rather than just a flat wall. If you're going here you'll get 2 cool spots in one so make sure to add it to your list!

Beauty Bar (Not specific address) Beauty Bar 2008 N Henderson Ave

We were literally driving home from dinner when we saw this mural and thought it was so cute so we had to stop. I couldn't find the exact address but this is the address of Warby Parker which is where we parked to ge to the mural. It is on the side of a main road so you really can only get up close pictures unless you run into the middle of the street (talk about doing it for the gram). But it is so cute and across from Taco head and Barcadia (2 places I definitely want to go to!) I think there is another wall like this at the other Beauty Bar but I'm not 100% sure. So cute and vibrant!

Howdy From Texas Mural Chubbies Store 2026 N Henderson Ave

This is another mural we passed on our drive home. It's perfect if you want to hit the cherry wall too, because you can park in the same Chubbies/ Warby Parker lot. It is on the side of the Chubbies store.

Dallas Farmers Market 920 S Harwood St

This could be a whole post in it's own, but I'll try and break it down to where each picture was taken. If you park and walk around though, you will easily find all of these AND probably more! Biggest piece of advice for all of these: PLAN YOUR PARKING. We did a $5 lot that was a few blocks away but so much easier than driving around aimlessly. Grab a spot where you can and you can always scooter over!

The Market

I was totally blown away by the "Market" part of this area. If you've ever been to New York it's like a way more organized and bigger Gansevoort market, but not as big as Chelsea Market-but just as nice! I also kind of got Boston/ Quincy Market vibes with a lot of walk up counters to grab food at. This part has A/C (believe me, this is what makes it the best part) and is so cute! On the side of the building they have these 2 murals. They're also near the restrooms. (bonus!)

The Flower Shop

This was the place I originally found on Instagram that I thought it was ADORABLE. They have this little arch that looks great on the gram. The shop itself is also super cute. It has an area to create your own bouquet but also has a little boutique section too! This shop faces the 2 murals I just showed y'all, so it's super easy to find!

Dallas Farmers Market Sign

You'll see this right when you arrive! It is huge... I Promise you won't miss it! It looks so cute in pictures!

Skyline view 1

So if you're looking at the Farmers Market sign above, you NEED to stand on that street corner and get a pic with the skyline! Ours turned out so cute! Who doesn't love a good skyline? And..especially another good picture right where you are already standing?

Fruit Drinks in the Shed

This is another thing I found on Instagram and had to try! I've had the fruit juice like this in New York and wanted to give it another shot in Dallas. Listen, a lot of people love it. For me, I think they aren't very flavorful and not my favorite combo, but hey sometimes you've gotta branch out and do it for the instagram pics. They range from $10-$14 and can be found in the Shed area (which is outdoors under a pavillion area with other vendors and local foods).

Skyline View 2

This place is right behind the main market and next to the shed. It's a little intersection blocked off so no cars can go through, making it the perfect spot for some pics. I am SO mad I left my tripod in the car because we could've gotten way better pics. But the view is SO pretty, especially with the string lights!

Donut Wall Southern Maid 801 N Riverfront Blvd

So, if y'all watched my stories you know I was on my way to see some murals and got side tracked because I ran into the CUTEST donut wall and shop! It's small inside but has a few tables and also outside seating. They even have the cutest drive thru. I would've take a picture but I didn't think it was the safest move to set up the tripod and stand where moving cars were..but don't put it past me. Make sure to grab a donut for your photoshoot, I got a chocolate glazed for 81 cents- you just can't beat it people. Enjoy!

Born in Texas Mural 7Eleven 1805 Sylvan Ave

Shoutout to my girl Courtney (@stensinthecity)for showing me this beaut on the side of a 7-Eleven! I would've NEVER found this! Just pull into the gas station and head over to the side and grab a pic! SO CUTE.

If you have any good murals to check out in Dallas (or anywhere honestly) please send them my way! I'd love to share and check them out as well! Happy hunting y'all, can't wait to share some more!

Pink XO Building 3121 Ross Ave

Courtney (@Stensinthecity) and I were headed to a new patio bar when she texts me in all caps "OMG I FOUND A PINK WALL". So of course-we had to stop. This building is hot pink covered in XOXO graffiti and it couldn't be cuter! We peaked inside and it looked like it used to be a bar, but since it's not currently in use, you can take your time getting allll your pics. Just be careful pulling in, it is literally on the side of Ross Ave and there is no place to park. We just improvised and made out own spots..oops. Make sure to stop by and get some fun and vibrant pics!!

Heart Wall Behind Davis Street Mercantile

This mural is super cute if you are good at editing.. just being honest here. It is behind a store on a back road and in what can be considered a sketchy area. The cool part is there is the heart wall and then the giant heart, so you can get 2 photo ops in 1! I just pulled over on the side of the road to park with my tripod to grab some shots. The lighting is hit or miss too. I found that there were lots of shadows because of how the trees hung. BUT regardless it is a cute wall with 2 murals and literally next to the donut wall- so even more photo ops nearby!

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

Capture one of Dallas' most iconic places and also get a skyline backdrop too! To get to the best spot to take a picture you have to go over the bridge (If you are coming from downtown) and take the first right and pull around to the lot to the right. From there you should see a walking path that runs parallel to the bridge. This spot is PERFECT for a classic Dallas picture. It is one of my favorite views!

"A Space to be Yourself" Wall 1623 N Hall St

This vibrant mural is located right down the street from the Pink XO building! It is in the Fiction Coffee parking lot but doesn't have actual parking spots blocking it so it should be easy to grab a pic! We parked around back of the coffee shop and walked to it. I love that it was made to have pictures taken in front of it because the wording goes all around where you should stand. So fun!


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