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Houston Mural Guide

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Being the wanna-be blogger that I am, I wanted to explore downtown Houston and the surrounding areas and grab a new profile pic #ftb (for the blog). So I texted my sister and we began planning our day. I wanted to use this post to show you places we went, places we've been, and give you a sneak peek of places we're still wanting to go. (I'll keep adding to this post as we try new places!)

Luckily it hasn't hit the 90 degree mark yet in Houston so taking pictures and walking around wasn't bad at all! Now, mid-July I wouldn't recommend standing outside in the blaring sun trying to get a cute pic, but for now I'll keep exploring.

Anyways, I learned that alottt of people don't tag their locations in pictures on Instagram. Which is really annoying because I use Instagram to find food and walls and things to do. So it can be hard to track down certain things when the tag is just "Houston". Like, yes I know it's Houston but the city is big and I really need something to put in my gps.

So I'll add the addresses in this blog to the places that we go so you can go too! Let's help each other out here people.

If you're in Houston or ever visit I hope you can visit some of these or find new places for me to add!

Greetings From Houston Sign 3601 White Oak Drive

Located on the side of an ice cream shop, requires street parking.

This is located on the side of an ice cream shop and requires street parking!

Leopard Lounge 1657 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

This is a thrift store right next to the pink walls (next picture). You have to parallel park along the street and there are some homeless people so be mindful. If you're looking for 2 locations near each other hit up this and Emerson Rose!

Emerson Rose 1637 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

I was so sad this shop wasn't open when we went because everything looked so cute (well, with what I could see from the windows) The side of the building has several murals, my personal fave was the pink one. This is on the same stretch as the Leopard Lounge so same parking applies here.

Someone dmed me asking for pictures of my feet, so here you go peeps.

Montrose Paint Wall / Biscuit Wall 1435 Westheimer Road

Every time I've been here there's no cars in the lot so I just park there.

The Shops at Houston Center 1200 McKinney St, Houston, TX 77010

These are just 3 of the many murals on this street! There is literally just a row of insta-worthy spots here. I paid to park on the street because I found a spot nearby. If not, you may have to loop around and try to find a lot. This is right in the heart of downtown so parking may be tight.

This is all I have for now but I wanted to go ahead and give you some places I still have on my bucket list! If you try them out before me let me know and send any tips or suggestions on parking and how to get there!

Rainbow Steps Green Street 1201 Fannin St (Not painted anymore ugh cries*)

Shake Shack Mural 1002 Westheimer Rd

We were not expecting to stop here but drove by and thought it was cute so we turned around and stopped.

Love Street Mural Karbach Brewery 2032 Karbach St, Houston, TX 77092

I love Karbach! If you love in Houston you need to go. The tour is great, the food in their restaurants is really good too. They don't have a huge menu but it's all great and they also have a happy hour! I saw this mural while walking around and had to snap a pic! It's so cute!

Houston Mural 5913 Washington Ave

This is located on Washington so it could be hard to grab a pic without having someone . run in the road but it is too cute not to check out! You can pull around on the side and park to grab a quick pic! LOVED the colors in this wall!

Htown Graffiti Voodoo Doughnuts

You can't miss this hot pink building with a fence full of murals! I loved the H-town one and had to grab some pics. The whole inside is insta worthy too, so after you take your pics make sure to treat yourself to some doughnuts!

You are my Sunshine Wall 1948 Rutland Street

Houston is Inspired 315 Travis Street

Eado St. Emmanuel Street

Waterwall 2900 Post Oak Blvd.

Polka Dot Wall Haute Dimensions 535, Sola Salon Studios, W 20th St Suite #2, Houston, TX 77008

Happy hunting! Stay tuned for more places, pictures, and the "Places to Eat: Houston Edition" on the blog soon!


brittany rose

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