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Houston Food Guide

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

So if you know me- you know I like to eat. One of my favorite things about exploring new cities is trying new foods and places to eat! I've compiled a list of where I've been and where I still want to try in Houston. I know Houston is HUGE so this is literally only a handful. They also range from downtown, the Woodlands, Tomball, the Heights and more.

I'm just going to be honest here. Almost all of these I found on Instagram and purposely went for the photo op. But they all turned out delicious and I'm so happy I went!

I get asked where I find all the new places to go and eat. One word: Instagram. If you are going to a new city make sure to look up food instagrams or bloggers in that city to see where the hoot spots are and places to eat! Hashtags also work, but the best is to look up the name of the city followed by "food", "eats", "foodie" or something along those lines and pages should pop up! If you see something that looks good, look at the location and see other pictures or look up their account. This is pretty much how I find all my foodie spots.

Bebidas 2606 Edloe St, Houston, TX 77027

So, I found this place via my insta-stalking. If you look it up on Instagram, you'll see a cute and colorful snowball side window, hence why I had to go. To my surprise, I showed up to no colorful snowball wall. I literally walked around the entire building looking for it. (Like actually in circles) I found out it was seasonal, but fortunately the place is still super cute and has one of these trendy light up wall signs. I only tried a smoothie, but they had a few different tacos and foods to try! A little overprices, but theres definitely an aesthetic. I'd wait to go and see what they do this summer with their window and go once it's decorated!

Truth Barbecue 110 S Heights Blvd, Houston, TX 77007

So Alec actually told me about this place and made me go. I normally choose the food so I didn't really know what to expect. But boy did he surprise me. This place was SO GOOD. We got there and there was a line out the door and I was hangry, but I waited and it was so worth it. Alec and I split a 3 meat plate and we still went home with leftovers. My friend Britt (yeah, I . have friends with the same name as me) didn't finish . hers either, basically it's A LOT of food so beware. The cheddar jalepeno sausage was to DIE for. Everything was amazing and the staff was super efficient so don't be discouraged by a long line. There is also a lot more seating than you think so don't worry about that. They also have plenty of wine and beer. Alec got a Karbach and Britt and I tried those BABE bubbly wines and they were so good and so cute, they even gave us a pink straw and a koozie with it! I'm already dying to go back here, it was amazing!!

Batanga 908 Congress Ave, Houston, TX 77002

I went here last summer while I was interning in Houston and it was so cute! Personally, I am not a huge tapas fan because it always makes me feel like I have to order SO much food. We went for brunch and it was really good! It's in the heart of downtown so parking can be difficult but we really enjoyed it! I would have loved to sit outside on their cute patio but it was just way too hot. Either way the dulce de leche french toast was amazing and so was the sangria!

East Hampton Sandwich Company 4444 Westheimer Rd h110, Houston, TX 77027

Again, I found this place on Instagram and just thought it was cute. It's in River Oaks (very boujee) so you'll probably be paying $3 an hour to park. But its a nice area to walk around or check out the iPic theater. Kailey and I went together and both loved what we got. I got a chowder and chicken sandwich and Kailey got the sweet potato fries (SO GOOD) The inside is decorated super cute and it is VERY reasonably priced- worth it to go check out!! They have lobster rolls (and mac n cheese). It's a good lighter lunch to try!

Egghaus 2042 E T C Jester Blvd, Houston, TX 77008

Okay, this one is all accredited to Kailey. (Kailey is my sister for those of you who don't know) . We wanted to try a new breakfast place and she chose this place based on the menu, then it turned out to be SO CUTE. I'm talking major NYC vibes. Everything was made for the 'gram in there people. If I would've known I would've not shown up in nike shorts and taken some cute pics for you guys. They have brunch cocktails (I'll ne getting one of those for sure next time) as well as iced coffee, breakfast sandwiches, tacos, toast and more. This place is SO worth checking out y'all. Delicious and cute, what more could you ask for? GO you won't regret it. (Also, reasonably priced)

Dish Society 1050 Yale St suite 100, Houston, TX 77008

I found this place on Yelp actually and the reviews didn't lie. Alec and I tried it for dinner one night and we loved it. I got a turkey sandwich and sweet potatoes. The cocktail I had was AMAZING. It was so light and refreshing. (I got the one on the menu with sweet tea vodka and mint) Everything on the menu is SO fresh, you can tell. Our server was also amazing. I went back for brunch with Skylar, Britt and Alec and again everything was so good. (I definitely will be getting a mimosa flight next time though..) I didn't realize, however, that for brunch you order at the counter and sit down whereas dinner was a sit-down style. Either way the place is super open and modern and the food is great! I'm already planning a trip back.

Torchys Tacos literally everywhere

Okay, this isn't a new place but I really like Torchy's. For an american-ized mexican food chain, it knows what it's doing. I love both the breakfast tacos and regular tacos and their taco salad. Just a head's up that the tacos are way more filling than you think and you probably only need 2. Their mexican corn and queso are also so good! It originated in Austin, so maybe this should go in an Austin blog post...

Fieldings Local Grill 26400 Kuykendahl Rd, Tomball, TX 77375

You'll learn that as much fried chicken as I eat, I really love fresh food too. Fielding's is a farm to table restaurant, which means everything is FRESH. All the ingredients are grown or produced locally, and yes you can taste the difference. It can be pricier but it's worth it. I've been to brunch and happy hour and I think their dinner menu/ happy hour was better. They're cocktails are to DIE for. The grapefruit martini was my favorite or a mojito.. I can't choose. Alec had bourbon (ew) but apparently it was great. The outdoor patio is so cute with polka dot patio furniture, but it was too hot or rainy everytime we went. It is in the new area by Creekside Park with plenty of parking across from H-E-B and in the same plaza as cycle bar and the cupcake and champagne place (totally adding that to the bucket list now..)

I don't have any pictures right now but when I make my next trip I'll get some to add ot this post for y'all!

Snooze an AM eatery 718 W 18th St A, Houston, TX 77008

I've been to Snooze twice now and one was in the heights and the other was in Dallas. Both times were so good. The atmosphere is always filled with young adults and has a STOCKED bar menu-even for brunch. I can;t remember what I got but I know I liked it both times and will go back and grab some pics and more deets!

Tejas Chocolate & Barbecue 200 N Elm St, Tomball, TX 77375

I seriously wish I had some pictures of this place. It is 100% a hole in the wall out in Tomball. My dad took me here and I was so intrigued, a barbecue place that also makes their own chocolate? What's better? Honestly, not much. It gets SO busy, like normally you wait outside for hours but when I went (right before closing on a week night) it wasn't so bad. So, I would recommend not going on the weekends. They also run out of food, so it is first come first serve (this goes for their chocolates as well). I haven't been back since last summer but I NEED to go back soon!

La Vista 101 1805 W 18th St, Houston, TX 77008

Originally Alec and I had decided on a completely different place but last minute I decided I wanted Italian and we found this literally after just googling the nearest Italian place with a good happy hour (c'mon you can't miss happy hour) (oh and it's 4-7pm Monday through Friday if you were wondering :) )

It ended up being the cutest hidden treasure and SO yummy. I got the lasagna and it was HUGE. (I took home leftovers) Alec got the jalepeno chicken pasta and literally scraped his plate clean. I also got a house salad to start with and it was SO good and very unique for a house salad. It had candied pecans, strawberries, and a great vinegarette dressing. It's a pretty small place but such a cute atmosphere. The cocktails were strong so beware. Oh! AND they had 40% off bottles of wine #score For 2 entrees, 2 cocktails, a beer and my salad it was only $60!

If you're looking for a more intimate setting and reasonably priced Italian food-this is it!

Goode Company Barbecue 5109 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77098

I've passed this place a few times and it looked so cute so I wanted to try! I've also seen some friends post on Facebook and I just love barbecue so I really wanted to go. I was honestly surprised that when we went on Sunday it wasn't more packed. (But that's probably better because it's not very big) But anyways, this restaurant is a chain but its still so good! It's like a chipotle-style line to order and have indoor and outdoor seating.

I got their chicken sandwich which was on special and it was SO moist and tender, and to top it off I got it on cheesy jalapeno bread (um...YUM). I got a side of mac n cheese and alec got the jumbalaya. I won't lie, Truth is still my fave bbq but this was really good-just a completely different vibe. You're served on trays and kind of feels like you're in a cafeteria. I definitely would go back though!!

Cloud 10 Creamery 711 Heights Blvd, Houston, TX 77007

I kept seeing the new Cloud10 Creamery that was opening on Shepherd and wanted to try, but my GPS led me to the one in the heights. It is in the cutest little area!! There's a Lululemon, a Chubbies store, a leather store and more. They have outdoor seating with the cutest yellow umbrellas and tables. They also have a neon sign inside (hello instagram pics!!!) and the Shepherd location has a mural and a cute colorful ice cream fence. Honestly I went here for a cute pic but I ended up getting sorbet and it was SO good. I think mine was lemon mint or something? SO refreshing and perfect for a hot Houston day. They even have doggie ice cream so bring your furry friends! Check out how cute this place is!!

So happy this trip I've been able to cross more places off my bucket list, but there are still plenty more I want to try! Houston, you're food is amazing but this girl is off to Dallas to eat her way around a new city. :)

P.S send me suggestions on places to go and send some recommendations! Go to CONTACT on the blog or shoot me a DM!


brittany rose

Bucket List:

The DoughCone

Axis & Alibi Houston

Punk's Simple Southern Food

Bovine & Barley

The Kitchen at Dunlavy

Lee's Fried Chicken & Donuts

Champman and Kirby

Red Circle Ice Cream

Stacked Ice Cream

Fig & Olive

Present Company

Tiny's Milk and Cookies

State Fare

Postinos Wine Cafe

Aquas US

Killens BBQ


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