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What to pack for Gov Ball in NYC // 2019

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

So as you could probably see from my zilliiooon of pictures, I WENT TO GOV BALL. It was so much fun and something that was definitely on my bucket list. For those of y'all who don't know it is a music festival in New York City that is hosted on an island (originally Governor's Island but it grew so big that now it's on Randalls' Island!) It's a 3-day festival but Kailey and I just took a train down for the night to see Kacey Musgraves & the 1975 (anddd some other people that I didn't know, because I'm #old & #irrelevant)

ANYWAYS I did no prior research to really know what to expect or pack so thought I'd do a quick blog post telling y'all exactly what I brought & why!


So, at first I wasn't sure we could bring bags and if they had to be clear. Once we looked up that we could bring in any bag as long as it was small (basically don't bring a duffel bag) we were good to go! I still wanted something small and easy to carry in the city so I decided on a backpack. (Tbh I wanted a fanny pack but I could fit way more in a backpack and Kailey had already picked out a fanny pack first)

We went to Five Below ( a store where everything is under $5 if you've never been aka great for date parties and last minute things you don't wanna spend a fortune on) to get fanny packs and backpacks for the festival so that if they got ruined or muddy or gross we could toss them after! I got this bag!

tip: always ALWAYS bring a bag that zips or completely closes when in NYC-prevents pick pocketing! I recommend a side purse that you can put in front of you when you're walking or on the subway

It was a perfect size and matched everything! I even ended up wearing it the next day in the city just cause it held everything and closed so well!


This was another thing I briefly read before we went to Gov Ball, was that you could bring a REFILLABLE water bottle or SEALED water bottles. I figured we could also find a cheap reusable water bottle and throw it in the backpack for the day. I had a feeling . a bottle of water there was gonna be like $4 and I was right... but the good news is there was a refill water station! So this bottle came in handy and saved us some $$.

Here are some water bottles from Five Below, great to grab and take with you and at the end of the day you can throw it away or keep it. (I love reusable water bottles I probably have over 20..oops.)

PORTABLE CHARGER (& cord if needed)

If you don't have a good portable charger..WHAT are you doing? These things save lives. I've invested (like $50-$100) on each portable charger I buy because they are SO worth it. Especially if you travel a lot.. they can be a lifesaver if there aren't outlets or you're like me and drain your battery on Instagram or taking pictures/videos. This was so handy. Especially when my phone was at like 8% and we still needed to call an Uber home..oops.

This brand is my favorite and on Amazon Prime (woo hoo we love that!!)


May seem like you're not getting sun but you are literally outside dancing and singing and walking around for hours and you will get sun- I promise. So take the time to pack this. I brought a huge can because I was traveling with Kailey, but you can always just get a travel-size one too! If you're going for multiple days, make sure to use this. There's nothing worse than a sunburn after a long day and then having to be in the sun the next..


So get this- I turn 22 and now I'm an elderly woman. I'm not kidding when I say I always have Advil or Tylenol on me (literally ask anyone). I knew I'd probably be drinking and that combined with loud music- better to be safe than sorry. Just throw it in there you never know...

This travel size I have in every bag I own. I go to Sams or Costco to refill it but this travel size case holds the perfect amount. *The one I brought to Gov Ball was bigger because I brought it to have for both days and for 2 people


I think it's pretty self explanatory but it gets hot, you're gonna sweat. Don't be that smelly girl.

tip: I got this aerosol one because the normal stick probably would have melted!


I would hope you would know to bring this but I wanted to add this to remind you- you are on an island and there are only so many places you can go-everything is going to be EXPENSIVE. They took cash and credit cards, but I had brought cash just to be safe. But just know a sandwich and fries is going to be over $20 from a concession stand and drinks are probably the same. A beer was $9, just be conscious when you're budgeting!

tip: I put my wallet inside another smaller bag (the snakeskin one above) to keep my cords, charger, and wallet in. I put the charger in there so they wouldn't ge tangled, and my wallet as another layer of protection


You walk A LOT in New York. Like a lot, a lot. This is another thing that I always bring. Band Aids are perfect in case of an emergency or for us it's mainly for the blisters we form when we are walking all day. Grab them just in case and throw them in your bag so you don't have to worry about being in pain all day.

This is the travel size I have!


Honestly can't go anywhere without it..


Have you ever had chapped or sunburn lips? It's SO painful. We packed Chapstick because, well we always have Chapstick but you should also reapply this while being in the sun! P.S Cherry Carmex is my fave :)


You don't necessarily need this, but you will smell after being in a crowd of people, sweating or after one trip to the porta-potties.

I got this set as a gift and LOVE them. They smell amazing and such a good size ot keep in your purse!


So even though there's water and soap at the bathrooms, I'd still bring hand sanitizer. There's a lot of germs already and then on top of it if the lines are long and what not it's way more convenient to have hand sanitizer handy.


OKAY. If you get one thing on this list it's this. I'm not kidding. I originally brought them just cause I'm a total mom and always have things like tissues on me, and I have nasal issues...but anyways. These were a lifesaver when ALL THE PORTA POTTIES WERE OUT OF TOILET PAPER. Seriously, you can thank me later when you have some back up TP.

Good luck out there kiddos.. I hope ya have the time of your life!! It's SO much fun and now you'll be prepared.


brittany rose

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