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Tips for Saving Money at Bath and Body Works

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

After posting about the Semi-Annual sale at Bath & Body Works I figured I just needed to just write a whole blog page on the topic because I am a candle-obsessed-wall-flower-smelling-hand-soap-maniac. I literally only use Bath & Body Works stuff at home. I just can't seem to find candles that last as long or hand soaps that have such a potent smell.

I know to a lot of people think it's super overwhelming going in and complain they get a headache, so I'm here to help. :) I really think that if you go in with an idea of what kind of scent you like but also know what is a good deal it'll make your shopping trip go way smoother!! So let's start with the obvious:

Bath and Body Works is super overpriced. Okay, yes I am completely obsessed but it is also VERY overpriced. I mean a candle is almost $25 and let me tell you that just ain't right. So first things first:

1. Sign up for coupons to get them sent to both your e-mail and home address.

They send different coupons to both and honestly I think the ones you receive in the mail are better! They normally have a percentage off coupon, a free gift, and then a body lotion, travel size item or mist for a set price. So you get THREE coupons that don't overlap-which means you can use ALL of them together. However, if you get a % or $ off in the mail and e-mail they won't let you combine them. But just do 2 separate transactions if needed to utilize all your coupons!

2. Use your coupons ON TOP of sales

Even with coupons, a lot of their items can still be expensive so I prefer to go when they are already having a sale and then I can swoop in and get extra off on top of that. Again, you'll know about sales by either walking past them in the mall or checking your email.

3. Only buy your Candles on SALE

Okay, I feel like if this was an essay for school this #3 would have Heading A, B and C under it and then ii. iii. iv. and so on cause I could go on about their candles for like..EVER. I'm obsessed. They will go as low as $8.95 and they are originally $24.50! The $8.95 sale happens ONCE a year and it'll be known as candle day. And it's a BIG deal y'all. People STOCK up. I mean why wouldn't you? They sell out fast online so I personally would recommend going into the store! Butttt if you don't catch candle day you can still snag a candle for WAY less than $24.50. Here's the deal:

If you keep an eye out you can catch a sale for $14.50 or $12.50 then SNAG THEM (& use a coupon on top of that)

4. Use Sales to Stock Up

When they have 5 for $23 hand soap and a 20% coupon, or $10 off coupons and then a $10 off of $30 coupon, use these times to stock up! You'll end up getting all of your items for way cheaper than if you were to wait until you HAD to have something and spend $25 on a candle. So whether you like their hand soap, candles, or wallflowers- use their sales and coupons to STOCK UP. Don't wait because you will end up spending so much more. Their candles make perfect gifts and honestly you can just never have too many.

5. Use your free item on a wallflower plug in

I just personally think this is the best bang for your buck. Most of the "free item" coupons you get in the mail are for any item under a certain amount and while you could get a single wick candle or travel size item, these items you can only use for so long. A wallflower is such a good investment. I have one in every room of my 750 sq foot apartment! You will need to buy one anyways for the scent refills so #treatyoself with your coupon and get a staple item that will last you FOREVER. Some of the coupons that have a higher amount have even let me get ones that light up/ or decorative ones. These make the perfect night light (I keep my light up one in the bathroom).

6. Go in to the store to find your favorite scents and take notes

If you shop for candles online, PROPS to you. I think everyone should go in and brave the headache to find the scents you like. I also like to find scents based on categories:

  • holiday/seasonal scents: (Peppermint Twist, Fall Candy Apple, Perfect Autumn, Leaves, Flannel, Apple Cinnamon Cider, Frosted Cranberry, Fresh Balsam )

  • year-round scents: (Cactus Blossom, Champagne Toast, Endless Weekend)

  • bathroom scents: (Rose Water Ivy, Lemon Mint Leaf, Peach Bellini, Bergamont Waters)

  • homey/kitchen: (anything sweet like dessert or Wine Cellar, Welcome Home, Cranberry Peach, Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla)

But..I'm obsessive. I always take pictures of scents I like or make note of them because I'll forget andddd then if there is ever a sale online and I can't make it in, I know what I like.

7. White Barn scents are more potent

I haven't tested this yet, but I have had employees tell me to get the White Barn branded candles over the Bath and Body Works brand. (Yes they have the same scents but just have different designs on them)

8. If you don't like the scent, you can return it!

I haven't tried this either but I've had people DM me to tell me that you CAN return stuff even after you've used it if you don't like the scent. I think this is great! Especially when you're getting overwhelmed in the store by all the scents and then go home and it smells not as good as you remembered.

These are my best tips and tricks for saving lots of money at Bath and Body works and navigating the scents and items. It can be super overwhelming but they're products just smell so dang good, it is worth it. And once you figure it all out- you'll be like me and love the whole process. Hope this helps and if you have any more tips and tricks PLEASE send them my way! I am always looking to save or find new hacks.


brittany rose

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