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Day Trip Guide to Fort Worth

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

I'm a huge advocate for being a tourist in your own city (or neighboring city) and I love exploring places I can get to by car. Honestly, it's because one day I'll move away and I don't want to wish I would've hopped in the car and seen all the things that were right at my fingertips! Fort Worth definitely isn't a place I'd ever get on a plane for-if you know what I mean..No disrespect to Fort Worth but I can't say I'd pay big bucks to make it my next vacation spot. BUT since it is only a 35-45 minute ride from where I live in Dallas, I told Alec it was a place I wanted check out since I live so close! So we decided to hop in the car and head over...

First, let's talk food. If you can't tell by now-I am a HUGE foodie and breakfast food is my favorite!! So I had to find the best spot for breakfast and stumbled upon Hot Box Biscuit Club. The pictures of sky high biscuits bathed in gravy and oozing a sunny side up egg had me DROOLING.

Don't be fooled by the group of people waiting outside. They have such a cool system for getting people seated that it goes by super quick! You sign in with the hostess outside and then inside you order at the counter and sit where the hostess seats you. So rather than ordering and crowding around waiting for someone to get up from their spot-you know when you go and order you have a place to sit. PLUS they have large tables and put smaller groups sitting together, so you won't see a table of 5 with only 2 people at it-they make sure to fill it up.

The food was INCREDIBLE. All of their biscuits are huge but if you think you have room we loved the hashbrown casserole. Also, for 50 cents you've got to try their homemade jam. It is great for a bite of sweetness with your leftover/ends of your biscuit. We left this place STUFFED and can't wait to go back. This is a must try for sure!

They have signs on the doors and windows, but be warned that the parking lot directly in front is not their lot so you must pay or use free street parking. We opted for free street parking about a block away. This strip that the restaurant was located on had several cute spots to walk to. A salon and boutique, ice cream shop, a barbecue trailer, a brewery and more! So make sure to check out all of the things while you're over there.

Next we hit the Water Gardens which were only a 3 minute drive away. Parking is limited so you may have to do a lap but this was a FREE and must see in Fort Worth. Not much to say about it but it is def one of those "have to see it while you're there" kind of places. It also makes for some cool pictures (always a plus in my book)

After we went to the Water Gardens, we weren't far from the center of Fort Worth known as Sundance Square. We parked along the street (free on weekends!) and walked around. The weather was beautiful and there were so many families out playing in the fountains and enjoying the sunshine. We stopped by Jamba Juice and walked around to see the different shops and even just sat by the fountains and people watched all the tiny humans playing in the fountains. I've never seen an area like this in the heart of downtown-so walkable and kid friendly!

Next, I dragged Alec to 2 murals that are on the same wall (you're welcome babe). I had seen both of these for so long and had been dying to see them in real life! BUT I will warn you that they are kind of in a sketchy part of town. I mean#DoItForTheGram though right?

Frida Brow Studio

1418 N Sylvania Ave

Fort Worth, TX

Frida Brow Studio

1418 N Sylvania Ave

Fort Worth, TX

After murals it was about 3:30pm and we headed over to the famous stockyards. This is what I pictured when I imagined Fort Worth-an old-time western town. Parking can be crazy! It is basically $10 to park just about anywhere near the stockyards, BUT depending on how much time you want to spend, they do have some 30 minute FREE spots. (We did this cause we were getting tired and were meeting a friend at 4:30)

The Stockyards are famous for their western theme but also the live cattle walk that happens twice a day with real-life cowboys. People line the street early, so if you want to see it make sure to give yourself plenty of time to park and get a spot.

We walked around and hopped in all of the stores. There were tons of western-type stores to try on cowboy boots, look at knives and more!

There is a whole section with restaurants and bars too, but we didn't go over there. (surprising I know) So you could definitely make this a lunch spot too!

To finish off our day trip we went to Gemelle. This spot is a MUST..especially if the weather is nice to sit outside. They have a huge outdoor area, second bar, games, little "cabana" type things and more. Their happy hour is Mon-Thurs 5-7pm and Fri-sun 3-5pm. 1/2 off pizzas, $5 wines, $4 cocktails and $3-$4 beer. The pizza was amazing and our cocktails were great too. I wish this place was closer to Dallas so I could go all the time!!

We headed back after drinks and apps because it ended up being SO hot and we were exhausted. I'm sure there is plenty more to see and do (like going to see TCU campus, a trip to Chimys, etc.) BUT we were only there a few hours and did a highlight tour. :) I hope this helps if you are in Dallas and looking to explore a day trip to Fort Worth!! As always, send me your Fort Worth recs and I'll add them to the blog!!

And a huge shoutout to my favorite exploring buddy-LOVE YOU! Thanks for letting me take a million pics :)


brittany rose

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