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Fallin' on a Budget (& Space)

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

To be completely cliche: HAPPY FALL Y'ALL!

This is my first season in my new big girl apartment all by myself. I wanted to make my apartment feel extra homey and cozy and decorate for Fall. The problem when you're in a 1 bedroom apartment at an entry level job is that you lack the money and space to go all out. I posted most of this info on my Instagram stories but wanted to share here too.

Let's talk some tricks & tips first then I'll share some of my Fall decor that I am lovvvving!


1. The Dollar Tree and the Dollar section in Target are GREAT areas to find little decor pieces on a budget.

Buying cheaper seasonal pieces are great if you don't want to keep them until the following season. Reduced guilt if you end up trashing them after 2 months. This also lets you change up the decor every year rather than investing in stuff that may go out of style.

The Dollar Tree and Target also have smaller items so if you do want to store them-they don't take up as much space.

2. Fall Candles range in price and are an easy way to make it feel more homey and cozy. Trick: You will use them for 2 months and most likely burn through them-eliminating another item you use to decorate after the season is over. You can also get them colored "Fall" colors for some pop in your decor!

Where to buy: Homegoods, TJ Maxx, Bath & Body Works

3. Fresh Fall flowers can be as cheap as $5 at Trader Joes and are a great touch! T

Not to be morbid but Flowers will die and therefore another thing you don't have to store. They are so fun and pretty though and such a nice touch especially if you are having people over!

Where to buy: Trader Joes, local grocery stores

4. Fall blankets-because you can never have too many

Grabbing a fall blanket is super easy to use to drape over your couch to add a pop of color and use it year round. I'm not saying to display it year round but to store and have for when you have people over. It's always better to have a few extra around the apartment anyways. And who doesn't love a good blankie?

Where to buy: Homegoods, Target, TJ Maxx

5. Getting decorative pillow cases instead of decorative throw pillows.

This is a GAMECHANGER. Instead of getting cute Fall pillows that will take up SO much space, get a cute Fall pillowcase that you can switch out seasonally! Makes it easy to add some decor to your couch and won't take up alot of space and are often way cheaper than pillows! Use the pillow case over throw pillows you already have and eliminate the need for any type of filler pillow.

Where to buy: Etsy, H&M

Here is some of my Fall Decor and where they're from!

Gather sign and pumpkins all from the Dollar section of Target

Candle & Sign: Homegoods / Sparkly pumpkin: Dollar Tree

Dish towels & candle: Homegoods

Sign: Homegoods Pumpkin: Target Candle: Bath & Body Works

I hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks & will be able to use them to decorate and make your home extra cozy this Fall!

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