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After being sick for a week now I've had some time to catch up on some of my favorite TV series on Netflix / HBO / Hulu. When I asked y'all on my stories what to watch- it made me think that I should make a list of my own to tell y'all about my favorite things I've watched! So if you're searching for something new to watch- check this out!


Greys Anatomy

Not sure if there's anyone out there who hasn't seen Grey's but thought I would add it to the list because it is a classic. I'm not saying you have to watch it all the way through because it does start to drag on, but you've got to at least try it out. I don't think I know anyone who doesn't like Grey's. Plus it leads to Private Practice which I absolutely LOVED. (It is a spin off of Grey's) Anyways, I'm going to assume you know the jist of Grey's- hot doctors, drama, romance, medical stuff and man is it GOOD.

Private Practice

I LOVED Private Practice. It is a spin off with Addison from Grey's. (Who.. I totally loved even on . Grey's) So once she leaves Grey's you can go ahead and start this. (Honestly . you could just watch this and wouldn't be too confused, but I think you will appreciate it more after Grey's) It is way shorter than Grey's and has a whole new cast so don't worry about any overlap. Basically Addison moved to California and woks at a Private Practice with some old friends. I don't want to say more than that but lots of hot doctors, drama and romance!



Another classic that everyone has to watch. These episodes are only 20 minutes and I swear your life will be easier once you watch it and can pick up on all the Friends references that are out there. It is just an easy background show or something I love to watch at the gym. Even if you've seen bits and pieces of different episodes you MUST watch it all the way through!


This show is so heartwarming. It shows a teenager with autism navigating high school, girlfriends, and college. Sam is smart and funny and so real. He says it like it is and he couldn't be more real. It is so easy to watch and will make you laugh out loud. The second season was just released and I watched it in 2 days! Love this show.

Queer Eye

This is the BEST feel good show! If you need a boost of confidence then you must watch. It makes me happy cry EVERY time. It is 4 gay guys who give makeovers- from looks, to clothes, to attitudes, they also redo their homes or offices. It is basically an entire life makeover and it is amazing to watch the transformations!

Good Girls

This is absolute hilarious and such a fun show to watch with your girlfriends. It is about some a group of moms who rob a store and the repercussions of it. Me and my college besties used to watch this all the time- with a bottle of wine and cheese of course.

Workin Moms

Another funny show about moms (not sure why I love these). It is a group of moms who are friends through a mom's group. They have kids around the same age and balance working, life, relationships and parenting. Such an easy watch and fun show-this was another one of the shows me and my friends would watch on girls' night.


Big Little Lies

SO GOOD. I read the book (which is way better) and loved it. BLL is on Hulu and probably has some of your favorite actresses (I'm talking Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman) So many twists and turns and juicy drama. It is about several families in Monterrey (California in show but Australia in the book). I literally don't know what to tell you without giving something away-so just watch it.

Dead to Me

Only 1 season out on Netflix-so it is easy to watch and so good. Season 2 I am waiting for you!! It is about 2 women who become friends at a meeting for people to grieve the loss of loved ones. There is some huge plot twist and you will not be able to stop watching.


Season 2 just came out!!! Time to BINGE. So creepy but so good. Basically it is about a guy who starts dating a girl and becomes OBSESSED with her. It gets a little scary but each episode makes you want to watch more. (I also heard this was a book..may have to check this out)

Virgin River

If you liked Hart of Dixie but want some better actors and a little more "intense" show then this is it! A big time LA doctor moves to a small remote town to be the local doctor. It is so cute-you will fall in love with all of the characters. Such a sweet show..and you may even see a Hart of Dixie actor! ;)

Murder / Crime

Criminal Minds

Not going to sugar coat the fact that this show is scary. But oh my gosh it is one of my all time faves. (My sister and I used to have seasons on DVDs) It is about the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) of the FBI. They analyze criminals, but the cool part is they also show what goes on from the mind of the criminal. Get it? Criminal minds ;)

Law and Order SVU

Another one of my faves and it is on both Hulu and Netflix. It is one of the oldest shows I think..ever. It is about NYPD Special Victims Unit and catching bad guys. It is a classic and not as scary as Criminal Minds (so if you want to start watching some criminal shows but ease into it..then try this!


Okay major creepy vibes. So make sure you can handle criminal minds before you try to watch this. It is about a dude named Dexter who works for Miami PD but is also a murderer. BUT he only kills murderers or people he distinguishes as "deserving" it.

Girly Shows

Hart of Dixie

Big time doctor moves to a small town in Alabama and has to adjust to life in the country. Not going to lie it is pretty cheesy but you learn to love it once you get over cheese. :)

Gossip Girl

I don't even think I can name any girl besides my sister who hasn't seen this show. It is another classic. All about the drama and fun of high school in the Upper East side. Filled with romance, drama, friendships and more. This will tug at your heart string and also make you wish you had a driver and an unlimited credit card to shop at 5th ave.



This show is a bit graphic, but will make you feel alot better about your "crazy" family because I guarantee this one is crazier. A family living in the southside of Chicago with an alcoholic dad, kids of all ages and.. well there's alot going on but it is so entertaining. This is a show Alec and I religiously watch together- I think both girls and guys will enjoy it.

Designated Survivor

This is another show Alec and I watch together cause we both really love it. It is about a guy who was named "designated survivor"- basically one person who would become president if every other person in line to be president were to die. Anddddd you can probably guess what happens the first few minutes of the show. Lots of twists and drama but so good!!

Looking for Alaska

This is on Hulu and I watched it because I read the book way back when John Green was all the hype from the Fault in our Stars. I couldn't remember what the book was about but I remembered it was sad-so of course I watched it. And yes- it was still sad. It is about a teenage boy going to a new school and falling in love. Watch with some tissues...

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