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Some of My Favorite Amazon Finds

I've been posting more and more Amazon finds on my Instagram stories and they seem to be a hit with yall! I mean.. who doesn't love everything at the tip of your fingertips delivered to your door in 1 to 2 days? I'm sharing some of my favorite things I've recently bought on Amazon and why I love them! (These aren't in any order)

1. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush (Under $40)

This is the holy grail of hair dryers. I LOVE this thing. It has cut down my time getting ready SO much. I use it to style my hair after I let it air dry for a bit or use my regular hair dryer on my roots. I've never been able to blow dry and use a round brush and this does it both for me! It leaves my hair so silky and smooth, also under $40!

2. Jelly King Ring (Under $10)

This thing is awesome if you are like me and don't like to always carry a purse! I can hook on my keychain wallet, car keys, apartment keys and be off! (Also add my airpods on there if I'm headed to the gym) I got the jelly one so if I do want to throw it in my purse I can squeeze it in. They also have TONS of colors and the quality is great! Woo hoo!

3. Cordless Electric Wine Opener (Under $20)

If you love wine and hate the hassle of the old school cork screw then this is about to be your best friend! For under $20 it comes with a foil cutter too. I keep my charged in the kitchen and love it! Would also make a great gift for all the wine lovers in your life.

4. Tripod for your IPhone (Under $20)

If you watch my stories you know I love my tripod. No shame in the game if you love to explore or find murals and don't always have someone to take your pics! If you are new to blogging and need an easy way to get some pictures than this is PERFECT! Even if you don't blog and travel, this folds down to about a foot long and has a bluetooth remote. SO easy to use!

5. Airpod Case with Key Chain (Under $10)

If you have airpods and have been looking for a case then this is what you need! I got this as soon as I got my airpods because I was so worried about dropping them or scratching them. The attached clip also makes it easy to add to your key ring when you are on the go! Comes in SO many colors, I have the pink and I got my sister this lavender color.

6. 6 foot long Iphone Charger Cord (Under $15)

I love having a long Iphone cord for by my bed. This one I got on Amazon under $15 and still works great! Also fast charging considering most of the time when you buy . the long cords they don't work as well. Make sure to use the 5% off coupon before you check out!

7. Pink Marble Laptop Case (Under $25)

I got this laptop case and always get compliments on it! It is super lightweight and just snaps on to your Mac. I got mine months ago and it still looks brand new! Perfect to add some color to your computer and also protect it from dings and scratches.

8. Felt Hangers (Under $40)

These are a part of their Amazon Basics line and I only use these in my closet! They keep stuff hanging perfectly and you can get a pack of 100 for under $40! Sometimes they go on sale.. I got a pack of 100 for $31, so keep an eye out. The only thing (super random) but sometimes the black fuzz from the hangers gets under my nails.. but regardless I love them- they take up little space and I love them!

9. Travel Laundry Bag (Under $15)

If you're like me and like to stay organized on vacation.. then you need this! It folds up super small but opens up to hold all of your dirty laundry while you travel. It takes up almost no space but can help keep your dirty clothes from your clean clothes while you're on the go!

10. Books!

I have some other stuff I want to share with y'all but wanted to make sure I pointed this out for sure. If you like to read- Amazon should be the only place you go to buy books! I am not kidding. I love Barnes and Nobles so much but the prices on Amazon cannot be beat. PLUS there are always way more reviews on Amazon, and they always give great suggestions once you start purchasing books. If you are looking for some good books-I have a seperate blog post HERE. So if you're a book worm, obviously do your research but almost always when I am in Target or B&N and see a book I like- I search it on Amazon and it's cheaper!

Hope these are some things you guys can use! I genuinely only share things I love an always use and these are at the top of my list! I look forward to sharing more with y'all! Happy Shopping :)


brittany rose

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