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COVID-19: The Middle

So we are a little more than halfway through mandated quarantine and I don't even really know what to say about it all. I started out wanting to be informed and now I steer clear of the media and news as much as I can. It's hard enough to see people I know and love struggle in these times-whether it has been losing their jobs, losing a family member and not able to host a funeral, postponing weddings, cancelling graduations and proms- all of that gets in my head WAY too much to read the news on top of it.

I have this good and bad part of me that hurts so deeply for others even when it in no way impacts me at all. I tell myself it's good because it shows how deeply I care for people but it hurts so bad sometimes. I was so sick to my stomach and upset over the grade below me that is missing out on a semester of date parties, graduation pictures, times with their friends, their last campus walks and all of the other things that come along with being a senior at Alabama. Anyways- the emotional thing is just to say, the news is too much.

So what have I been up to in quarantine?

Staying away from the news and staying active have helped me tremendously. Being away from the news helps me keep a positive mindset and staying active honestly just keeps me busy and also wears me out so I sleep better at night. I've been trying to get creative with my cooking but let me tell you-I am OVER IT. I am so beyond ready to over-pay for someone else to make me a margarita and fajitas (that is all I'm saying here) and serve me.

I have been going to the grocery store but keeping my trips short. This is another place that can. most definitely stress you out. Almost everyone is in a mask or gloves, including the employees, there are markers throughout the store to let you know where to stand to be 6 feet apart and most of the shelves are barren. It is freaky and apocalyptic but ya girl has got to eat.

Speaking of eating my dad has been a huge help with giving us some groceries and making us some home-cooked meals. While at first I was nervous about seeing him with everything going on, now that we have all safely quarantined I feel better and more confident with our visits to his house. It is also nice to give Kirby a big backyard to play in!!

Oh yeah- KIRBY! Alec rescued a sweet 5 month old yellow lab. That has been his (and our) adventure this quarantine. Alec had been thinking about getting a dog for a while now but I kept telling him it just wasn't fair with his work schedule to get a puppy. So when WFH was in order for Lord only knows how long he decided that being home 24/7 was exactly what a puppy would need and sure enough he adopted Kirby April 1st.

I'll be honest since I work from home already my day to day hasn't drastically changed. I normally would work, workout make dinner and then do something like read or watch Netflix before bed while in Houston. Because Alec would be working and by the time he commuted home it was time to eat and decompress for the day. I think if I was alone in Dallas it would feel like a different story-especially since when I am in Dallas I have a blogger community that has me getting out of the house WAY more. As much as potty training a puppy and 600 sq feet with your significant other can drive ya crazy- I am so thankful for my boys keeping me on my toes and never bored this quarantine!

The weekends go by quick and they are when I feel stuck the most. Normally I'm commuting from Dallas to Houston, spending time with friends, exploring for the blog or traveling and none of that is happening. I rarely take weekends to watch Netflix until my brain turns to goo but that seems to be all I'm doing these weekends.

I'm not sure why I'm writing all of this but just wanted to document what I'm feeling through this crazy time. What a weird thing to live through, am I right?

Praying we can get back to normal soon and someone can make me that margarita ASAP!!

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