Welcome to my Blog!

Hi y'all and welcome to Brittany Rose Blog!! I am so thankful to have you here and hope you find exactly what you are looking for- whether that is my favorite foodie spots,  a mural guide, or life updates.
For the newbies around here, here is some background: I started this blog in 2019 and was something I wanted to do all of college. It was one lazy afternoon binging Netflix with my roomies when I decided to stop waiting for the perfect time to create my own website and just DO IT. My biggest regret is not diving into this sooner...
{ If you want some more insight on why I started this blog, check out my very first post which gives alllll the deets HERE.  }
I'm extremely excited to share some of my life and create posts about things I think are helpful or fun to chat about. I will say, it can be scary putting everything out there (especially online) but I'm hoping y'all will find something useful on here or at least entertaining and follow along.
So what are we talking about exactly? I really have made this page my own by not trying to fit into a niche but instead writing about anything and everything that I find interesting, fun or helpful!
I'm always open to just about any idea to write or post about!  Someone will ask my where something is from or for a location of some place on my instagram and boom I'm already thinking about how I can turn it into a blog post. So if you ever have any ideas, or want to know something you can always slide into my dms or drop your ideas and recommendations HERE. 
For now, I hope you like what you see and take on this new journey with me. So with that roll tide, I'm happy your here, grab a snack and enjoy!
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COVID-19: The Middle

So we are a little more than halfway through mandated quarantine and I don't even really know what to say about it all. I started out...
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